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Urban Services  

Tel : +44(0)7984775959

What we offer  

  • Repairs and Servicing of Commercial Espresso Machines.
  • Repairs and Servicing of Professional Dishwashers
  • Domestic Machine Service, Gaggia Baby, Classic, Mini Nova. (back to base only)
  • Installations of New and Used Equipment
  • Water Softening and Treatment
  • Boiler Inspections (HSE Pressure Systems Safety Act 2000)
  • Factory trained and approved Engineers for the following leading Manufacturers Italys Rancilio, Victoria Arduino, Necta, Sanremo, Uk's Fracino and Spanish made Iberital.
  • Barista Training
  • Electrical Installations
  • Plumbing

We offer service and repairs on all Makes and Models of Espresso machines, Coffee Grinders, Glass/Dishwashers and Ice Makers. We understand that your Espresso Machine can be the main source of income and any down time can be costly, we can work with you to minimise any problems that may arise, we are fully qualified and experienced in all areas, below is a list of what we offer

Front End Service (service steam/hot water valves, new filter washers and shower plates in group heads, descale or replace water level probe, check test and reset drink/coffee measures, performed on site to keep your machine running to its full potential)

Full Service (includes a front end service, complete boiler descale, new safety valve, element, group solenoids, air release valve, level probe, chassis cleaned, re-built, pressure tested and re-commissioned, performed off site, loan machine whilst you wait)

Breakdowns, help and support (a wide range of spares are carried by our engineers to insure a first time fix, if for unfortunate circumstances parts need to be ordered then a loan machine can be provided, if a first time fix is not possible and parts have to be ordered then you DO NOT incur any additional charges i.e. call outs or labour costs.

Complete Boiler descaling (Removal of lime scale build up)

Boiler Inspections (Pressure systems safety act 2000, Written Scheme)

Modifications on Existing Equipment (Fast froth systems, Temperature Control etc)

Service Contracts (Quote upon inspection of Machine unless New)

Water Softening (Annual exchanges, Water testing and advice on treatment)

Fully functional workshop equipped for all repairs, descales and boiler pressure testing.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for a quote!

Boiler Inspections

Did you know that your espresso machine should comply with statutory regulations of the Health and Safety at work act 1974, the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR 2000) state that any pressure vessel should be periodically examined in accordance with a 'Written Scheme of Examination' by a competent person. The approved code of practice (ACOP) gives guidance to the requirements of a competent person.

To comply the key roles of the Boiler Inspection are:

i) testing the mechanical safety device operates correctly in the case of an emergency or malfunction.

ii) internally inspecting the condition and integrity of the steam/hot water boiler.

iii) examining pipework and pipelines.

All espresso machines details i.e. serial numbers, makes, models are listed, mechanical devices are tested against calibrated gauges. Urban Espresso's engineers will only work with machines of which we have extensive knowledge and obtain manufacturers specifications such as designed boiler temperatures, max pressures and max working pressures.

Written scheme of examination

8.—(1) The user of an installed system and owner of a mobile system shall not operate the system or allow it to be operated unless he has a written scheme for the periodic examination, by a competent person, of the following parts of the system, that is to say–

(a)all protective devices;

(c)those parts of the pipework in which a defect may give rise to danger,

(2) The said user or owner shall–

(b)ensure that–

(ii)the content of the scheme is modified in accordance with any recommendations made by that competent person arising out of that review.

(a)specifies the nature and frequency of examination;

(c)where appropriate, provides for an examination to be carried out before the pressure system is used for the first time.

(4) References in paragraphs (2) and (3) to the suitability of the scheme are references to its suitability for the purposes of preventing danger from those parts of the pressure system included in the scheme.

Competent person 28 The term ‘competent person’ is used in connection with two distinct functions: (a) drawing up or certifying schemes of examination (regulation 8); and (b) carrying out examinations under the scheme (regulation 9).

The above has been obtained from the HSE and Approved Code of Practice, click the following links for more information on this matter.

Barista Training

Hired new staff, beginner yourself or even if its just to brush up on your technique. We will assist you on a half day training course where we will go through the theory of a perfect espresso how to adjust your grinder and Espresso machine (if required) in order to achieve this, frothing techniques, drink varieties and drink preparation in order to keep a good standard of service within your business.

Full Factory Service


Fancy a new business venture? How about investing in a Dual Fuel LPG Espresso Machine available in automatic and semi automatic.

These machines will run on either propane or butane gas, 230v Electrical supply is obtained through an Inverted 12v DC Leisure battery and the mains water through any suitable container with the aid of a low pressure pump.

Due to this machines unique specifications it allows the Installation on a variety of portable equipment such as, cars, vans, trikes, trailers or even converted Piaggio Scooters like the one below.

Packages include:

  • Espresso Machine, Grinder and Knockout Drawer
  • Full Installation on a prepared Vehicle
  • Custom Designed Trolleys and Trailers
  • Customer Training + Preventive Maintenance Training

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

All Machines Serviced

Astoria, Bezzera, Brasilia, Cimbali, ECM, CMA, Faema, Fracino, Futurmat, Gaggia, Jura, La Marzocco, La, Spaziale, Rancilio, San Remo, San Marco, Visacrem, ITV, Chef King, Hobart, Hoonved, Madiad, Wega, Winterhalter